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She is a joke!!all though they are very nice in the office, Dr.

Petrol is all about money, she wanted to charge me over 3,000 dollars for 6 months left on my daughters braces, we transferred to her with only 6 months left and she charged me full price as if she was the one who put them on. When I ask for the break down all they could say it was her professional fee. She only saw my daughter 4 times and we left!!!

we are still responsible for the rest of the cost, take me to court!!!!you will never get it you are nothing but a scam!!!!!

dont go to Dr.Petrol orthodontics in moreno valley or temecula ca

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The only good reviews for Petrol orthodontics are from her peers.The bad reviews are from actual customers.

What does that say.

Sure I have the back of my fellow coharts but they dont perform services for me.smoke and mirrors that is her secret to success.


Dr.Petrol is all about the money.

There aremany unhappy customers under her care as i speak.I have seen her fight with customers in the chair she truly frustrates customers.SHe is snooty and pompas. The only reason this is not seen is because she covers it up with charity work. Some have this impression if one does charity work they are good at heart,,,that is not always the case it is a business move just as people go to church to solicit business.

She leaves all the work for the assistants.When she has collected all the monies for braces is when she looses interest and slacks off and the patient looses.

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